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  • PHONE: 704-293-1136
  • EMAIL: Info@BraveCreativeLeaders.com
  • PHONE: 704-293-1136
  • EMAIL: Info@BraveCreativeLeaders.com
Find Out How We Develop Brave, Creative, Leaders for Life
Charlotte's Best Youth Soccer Program, Taught by Charlotte's leading player development focused and professional coaching staff
HappyFeet Youth Soccer Leagues
Join the best youth soccer recreational league in the Charlotte, NC area for ages 2-5.  Our age-appropriate curriculum develops brave, creative, confident leaders by encouraging our HappyFeet Soccer players to take risks, be brave and try new skills like the Maradona turn, scissors, pull backs, step-overs, and more at every opportunity.  

Kids love our unique "Story time with a soccer ball" approach and parents love the confidence and skills their children develop while working with our experienced professional coaching staff.

Soccer League Details:
Developing Brave, Creative Leaders for Life!
  • Dates: Spring March - May (Dates vary by location)
  • Locations:
  • ​Elon Park: March 7th - May 2nd 9:00 & 10:00 Sessions
  • Waymer Park (Huntersville): March 14th - May 9th 9:30 & 10:30 sessions
  • ​Fort Mill Audubon Lakes (Neighborhood residents only): Tuesday Evenings (March - May - $120 for session)
  • Price: $150 for 8 week League Session 
Special Early Bird Pricing for Spring only $100 if register by December 15th!!
HappyFeet Charlotte Youth Soccer
Kathryn Metcalf
Parent of a HappyFeet League Soccer Player
" Such and Incredible program!! It really helped my shy child come out of his shell!!"
So You've been doing HappyFeet Soccer™ for a while at School...
Do you want to learn how your child can become a Brave, Creative Leader for Life™ through our Soccer League Programs?
HappyFeet kids love to experience an age appropriate introduction to soccer games and training.  With our HappyFeet soccer league recreational programs kids are given the opportunity to experience and try their HappyFeet soccer skills in a game setting.  Not only is it incredibly great for the kids developmentally, it's also super fun!

The real magic of the leagues is the 3v3 and 4v4 games the last 30 minutes of each weekly session when the kids confidence truly begins to shine as they try and master new skills more and more each time they get the ball during our games.  They develop ball mastery, confidence, ball striking and more!

Parents are able to see their kids show off their skills, be social, and fall in love with the game of soccer!
About "The Best Youth Soccer Program" in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC!
HappyFeet Charlotte™ uses its unique "Story Time with a Soccer Ball™" curriculum to engage, ignite curiosity, and develop young players into Brave, Creative, Leaders for Life.  No other youth soccer program in the area focuses on  development the way HappyFeet does.  Our experienced and professional coaches encourage kids to try new skills at every opportunity and celebrate those attempts like crazy so that kids can develop the skills necessary to be not only successful on the soccer field, but also in the classroom, and in life!

Our kids learn skills like scissors, pullbacks, step-overs, Maradona turns, and more each week as they are introduced to the game of soccer. Becoming dynamic, creative, dribblers and goal scorers along the way. 
Everything we do, from HappyFeet classes and birthday parties to Legends skill sessions and games is designed to teach and encourage our players to take risk and try a new skill.  Whey they do, we celebrate it as if it was, in fact, winning the game!  It is our mission to build into our coaches, parents, and players the understanding that the process ie practicing, attempting new skills, developing mental and physical coordination is the win, not simply the means to a win.
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